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At Taunton Firewood we pride ourselves on being able to offer you part seasoned hardwood logs and part/unseasoned softwood logs for your log burner or open fire. 

We purchase our timber from well managed, sustainable woodland and haul it ourselves back to our timber yard in Pontispool, Taunton. 

Typically our logs are cut to 9 inches (23cm) and are provided in loose tipped loads for part seasoned hardwood in 1m3, 2m3 or 3m3. Our part seasoned softwood is delivered in loose tipped loads of 1m3, 2m3 or 3m3. To satisfy government legislation the minimum quantity we will be able to deliver is 2m3 in a combination of mixed load of hard and soft or just hard or just soft!.  

We believe the best value option and all rounder for those stocking up and planning ahead would be a mixed load consisting of 2m3 of part seasoned hardwood and 1m3 of part seasoned softwood. 

Please note: As this is part seasoned storage will be key, it will need to be stored outside with plenty of air flow, sheltered from the rain but still able to have the benefit of direct sunshine during our summer months. This will finish off the drying of the logs ready for the winter.  Please see Government Guidance.

We offer FREE delivery to Taunton and outlying villages. We are also happy to delivery further afield for a small charge. 


Taunton Firewood is part of Somerset Timber Services Limited. Please visit our website by clicking HERE

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